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Text ad Google Ads

Advertising in Google Ads is lucrative but increasingly competitive. It is therefore crucial that you write good text ads that match a user’s search intent. This increases your CTR and ultimately quality score, allowing you to bring in cheaper clicks. But how do you write a good text ad? In this article, an explanation of how to write ads that match your user’s search intent and trigger them to click.

The layout of an advertisement

A text ad within Google Ads consists of several components, these are as follows:

  • Headlines
  • Description rules
  • URL path


The headlines of a text ad are crucial within Google Ads, they have a larger font size that makes them stand out better than the description lines. They consist of up to 30 characters and range from 3 to 15 headlines depending on whether your responsive search ads or write extended text ads. The advice for headlines is to always include the keyword in one of the headlines. The other headlines can be used to add the brand name, USPs or a call to action.

Description rules

The description lines of a text ad consists of up to 90 characters and ranges from 2 to 4 description lines per ad. With this, the number of characters is much higher than headlines, allowing more space to proclaim your message. The advice for description lines is to always end with a call to action. In doing so, state what you expect from a searcher when he or she visits your website. Possible call to actions include “Order easily and quickly online now!” or “Learn more about our services here.” The remaining space left over can be used to proclaim your distinctiveness and connect with a user’s search intent. Finally, it is also advisable for description lines to reflect the keyword.

URL path

The final component of a text ad is the URL path. This path consists of two levels of up to 15 characters. The advice with the URL path is to reflect the keyword while providing a logical structure. For example, if someone searches on women’s clothing, use the following url path: /ladies/clothing/.

Here’s how to write the best text ads

The bottom line for a text ad is that it is very important to reflect a searcher’s search intent. You can do this by reflecting the keyword in both the headline, description line and url path. An added benefit of this is that Google often bold keywords in text ads. In addition to recurring the keyword, it is important to proclaim your distinctiveness and encourage searchers to take action using a call to action. Finally, the advice is to test continuously with experiments in Google Ads to finally write the ultimate ad with a high CTR, high quality score and high conversion rate.

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