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Central to our conversion optimization approach is qualitative research. The most valuable type of qualitative research is a usability test. With access to various measurement methods such as a Tobii Eye tracker, PureDigital is your partner for usability testing.

What Is A Usability Test?

Qualitative insights from your target audience are very valuable to optimize your website. A usability test consists of a set of tasks that respondents are given to perform on your website, web application or app. This set of assignments are defined together in advance, with the goal of being able to answer various research questions. A usability test can be used for an existing Web site, as well as for testing a prototype or redesign of an existing Web site. A good usability study should answer research questions and provide input for optimizing your Web site. PureDigital’s conversion specialists have extensive experience in usability testing and have innovative tooling such as an eye tracker and galvanic skin response shimmer.

Why a Usability Test?

The purpose of a usability test is to identify optimization points on your website, web application or app. It is a qualitative research source that tells us more about why visitors show certain behaviors on a Web site. The big advantage of a usability test over other qualitative data sources is that you can go on and on about how someone experienced the Web site. This additional input makes a usability test an indispensable research resource for companies that are actively working, or want to start, on optimizing their website. A usability test at PureDigital will always provide concrete optimization recommendations in addition to findings, based on the outcome of the study. This not only gives you great insight into why visitors experience problems on a website, but also immediate suggestions on how to fix it.

Our Usability Testing Approach

Our usability testing approach consists of the following steps:

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Determining research purpose: Determining the purpose of the study, followed by developing various research questions.

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Determine measurement instruments: Based on the research questions, we determine which measurement instruments are needed.

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Design research: building the user test, here we use the software of Tobii Pro Lab.

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Recruiting respondents: Recruiting respondents to conduct the usability test.

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Conducting research: Conducting the usability test.

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Analyzing research: Analyzing the research, collecting all the data needed to answer the research questions.

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Advisory Report: Developing and presenting an advisory report, with concrete recommendations for improving the website.

A usability test can be conducted as a stand-alone study, or as part of our conversion optimization services. By combining it with our conversion optimization services, it is possible to validate recommendations through A/B testing.

Outsource Usability Test

Conducting a usability test is complex and very time-consuming. From PureDigital, we can take this completely off your hands, from developing research questions to recruiting respondents. Curious about the benefits of our usability testing approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!

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