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With approximately 9 million unique visitors per month, is one of the largest web shops in the Netherlands and also the starting point for many consumers when purchasing products. Do you want to sell successfully on That starts with a well-thought-out advertising strategy.

What Is Advertising On

Advertising on makes you more visible with your products on the platform. Advertising on can be done through both sponsored products and display ads. The most common form of advertising is sponsored products. This makes your products visible the moment someone searches on products or product categories. With sponsored products, you can specify which keywords you want to advertise on, or leave it entirely to’s machine learning. advertentie stuntbed
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Why Advertise On

Advertising on is the only way to quickly create visibility for your products. Unlike organic findability, you are directly visible within search results. With a well thought out advertising strategy it is possible to advertise profitably, this is always the starting point of an advertising campaign at PureDigital.

Our Advertising Approach

Our advertising approach consists of the following steps:

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Objective: To determine the campaign objective and additional budgets.

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Product selection: Selecting products based on margins, historical results and competition.

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Setting up campaigns: Setting up the campaigns and setting the bids.

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Structural optimization: Structural optimization to achieve goals and continuously improve results.

In addition to our advertising approach, we guide and advise in optimizing the product information in order to also become more visible organically on

Outsource Advertising On

As marketplaces specialists, we know what is important to be successful on A advertising journey through PureDigital is distinguished by:

  • Thought out strategy
  • Fast live corridor
  • Flexible in scaling up products/channels
  • Cost-effective campaigns

Also successfully advertise on Download our white paper or contact us!

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Questions About Advertising On

Want to learn more about marketplaces? Request a training or contact us! Advertising Customers

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