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SEO Content Strategy

Content is king, according to a common saying from the SEO landscape. That’s why content is central to our search engine optimization approach. From our SEO content strategy services, we identify opportunities for businesses and come up with concrete content briefings to create the best possible pages. We do this by using innovative tooling and automation whenever possible. With the end goal being growth in organic visits and conversion.

What Is An SEO Content Strategy?

An SEO content strategy is the foundation for growth from the SEO channel. The strategy determines the direction we take to rank successfully for various keywords in various search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia. Specifically, it consists of a comprehensive keyword research and an effort and gain matrix where we prioritize what content is needed. We supplement this with very comprehensive content briefings to give lots of guidance when writing new pages. Thus, we not only help with the content strategy but also have a major role in the execution of the content project.

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Why An SEO Content Strategy?

In SEO, unfortunately, it’s not so easy that you do a keyword research, write content and immediately be in position 1. Every industry and every website is different, making a well-thought-out content strategy important. With small websites, we see that putting a lot of effort into the most competitive keywords often doesn’t pay off. While larger websites with more authority can rank quickly for these keywords. We also see differences between industries in what kind of content ranks well within search engines. We combine all these learnings into a solid content strategy that we implement together. With the goal of sustainable growth in organic website traffic.

Our SEO content strategy approach

Our SEO content strategy approach consists of the following steps:

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Keyword research: Conducting a large-scale keyword research where we identify all relevant keywords.

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Consulting site structure: turning a list of keywords into an elaborate site structure.

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Effort & Gain: Determining the priority of content optimizations.

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Content briefings: working out various content briefings where we give very detailed advice on how the page should be built to rank as well as possible.

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Structural Optimization:Structural support inadvising, writing, reviewing and evaluating content optimizations.

Our SEO content strategy is incorporated into our search engine optimization approach by default. It is also possible to take it as a separate course, where we engage in an ongoing consulting process based on a keyword research. Because of our experience in conversion optimization, we not only look at how a page can rank, but also how it can convert as well as possible. We believe in this winning combination and therefore offer it by default, which is how we differentiate ourselves from other online marketing agencies.

SEO content strategy outsourcing

Developing an SEO content strategy is very time-consuming and challenging. Knowledge of search engine optimization, the competitive landscape and ranking factors within certain industries, are needed to do this well. But rest assured, at PureDigital you can outsource your entire SEO content strategy. We have the tools, experience and capacity to quickly develop and execute a very thorough content strategy. Curious about the benefits of our SEO content strategy approach? Then download our white paper or get in touch!

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Questions about SEO Content Strategy?

Want to learn more about SEO? Download our white paper or contact us!

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