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Expert Review

Using an expert review, we form hypotheses for improving your website. This is based, whenever possible, on research and our conversion optimization experience within various industries. The delivery comes in the form of a presentation with concrete recommendations to improve the website.

What Is An Expert Review?

An expert review consists of a thorough review of important pages and elements on your website. Here we look at various research sources such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, Hotjar or internal sources. We complement this with the experience we have accumulated with our clients in recent years. From various industries such as e-commerce, B2B, travel and charities, we have run dozens of A/B tests and know what works and what does not. The expert review will provide concrete recommendations to improve your website.

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Why An Expert Review?

An expert review is often done at the start of a conversion optimization project. The hypotheses are then added to the backlog to be picked up in the test roadmap after prioritization. In addition, it happens that an expert review is done to improve, in a reasoned way, directly a website without A/B testing. We frequently see this occur with our B2B clients who don’t have enough data to properly A/B test. In either case, an expert review will contribute directly or indirectly in improving the website.

Our Expert Review

Our expert review approach consists of the following steps:

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Research: Doing research to come up with optimization ideas.

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Working out hypotheses: Working out the optimization ideas into concrete hypotheses.

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Presentation findings: Delivering the expert review in the form of a slides document and presentation.

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Determining next steps: Determining whether and if so how the hypotheses will be tested.

An expert review can be conducted as a stand-alone assignment, or as part of our conversion optimization services. By combining it with our conversion optimization services, it is possible to validate recommendations through A/B testing.

Expert Review Outsourcing

From PureDigital, we have a lot of experience with conversion optimization within various industries. We include this expertise in the expert review, giving you concrete and substantiated points of improvement for your website. Curious about the benefits of our conversion optimization approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!

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