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Amazon has been operating in the Netherlands since March 2020. Amazon is expected to become a major e-commerce player in the Netherlands in the coming years. Do you want to sell successfully on Amazon? Then a good advertising strategy is crucial.

What is Amazon advertising?

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce web shops worldwide. Building organic visibility is often a long-term process. To get short-term results, advertising on Amazon is the only option. From sponsored products to display ads, Amazon has campaign forms to suit almost any objective. In short, advertising on Amazon is essential for companies that want to make an impact on this platform.

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Why advertise Amazon?

Almost all of the top listings within Amazon are ads. Without advertising, visibility on Amazon is often limited. Therefore, for web shops that want to grow hard on Amazon, it is important to start advertising. Our specialists will ensure that advertising on Amazon remains profitable, keeping you selling profitably on Amazon.

Our Amazon advertising approach

Our Amazon advertising approach consists of the following steps:

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Objective: To determine the objective of the campaign and additional budgets.

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Product selection: Selecting products based on margins, historical results and competition.

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Setting up campaigns: Setting up the campaigns and setting the bids.

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Structural optimization: Structural optimization to achieve goals and continuously improve results.

Complementary to our Amazon advertising approach, we guide and advise in optimizing product information to become more visible organically on Amazon as well.

Outsource advertising on Amazon

As marketplaces specialists, we know what is important to successfully advertise on Amazon. An Amazon advertising journey through PureDigital is distinguished by:

  • Thought out strategy
  • Fast live corridor
  • Flexible in scaling up products/channels
  • Cost-effective campaigns

Also successfully advertise on Amazon? Download our white paper or contact us!

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Questions about advertising on Amazon?

Want to learn more about marketplaces? Request a training or contact us!

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