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Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat advertising is interesting for companies with a young target audience. The platform offers several creative options to reach the target audience. Whether you want to achieve awareness, traffic or conversions, it’s all possible with advertising on Snapchat. Based on your objective, we provide the right approach and the best results.

What Is Snapchat Advertising?

With over 6 million users in the Netherlands, Snapchat is one of the largest social media platforms. The 18-24 age group is the largest category within Snapchat, making the platform very interesting if you want to reach a young audience. Achieving organic visibility on Snapchat is really challenging. If you want to make an impact, you can’t escape advertising on Snapchat. Whether you want to work on brand awareness, brand associates, website traffic or sales, Snapchat advertising has an interesting campaign form for every objective. PureDigital’s consultants advise and support the most complex Snapchat advertising campaigns.

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Why Advertise On Snapchat?

Because Snapchat has not yet been discovered by most advertisers, the CPM is significantly cheaper than Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising. In addition, we are seeing a shift in audiences using social media platforms. Many young users are no longer on Facebook or Instagram but on Snapchat. With videos on Snapchat, you can convey your story as a business much better than, say, an image ad on Facebook or Instagram. The combination of a young target audience and a low CPM make Snapchat advertising interesting for almost all companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our Snapchat Advertising Approach

Our Snapchat advertising approach consists of the following steps:

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Setting objective: Determining the objective and the appropriate campaign form(s).

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Website measurability: Measuring through key conversion points on the website.

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Targeting strategy: Selecting the right audiences for maximum relevance.

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Campaign setup: Setting up the campaigns where we work with a top-down or bottom-up campaign structure depending on the client’s objective.

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Optimization: Optimizing campaigns.

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Evaluation: Evaluating the results, making adjustments based on the objective.

In addition to achieving quality traffic to your website, our Snapchat advertising approach is complemented by standard advice on landing pages. In this way, we not only send quality traffic to your website, but we also ensure that this traffic will convert.

Outsource Snapchat Advertising

The advantage of Snapchat Advertising is that you can outsource it quite easily to PureDigital. We can take almost everything off your hands, from selecting a target audience to creating imagery (through our partners). Of course, where desired, we involve the client in the entire process to jointly achieve the maximum result. Curious about the benefits of our Snapchat Advertising approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!
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Questions About Snapchat Advertising?

Want to learn more about Snapchat advertising? Download our white paper or contact us!

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