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Web Analytics

At PureDigital, this is a service that is central to our services. The adage measuring is knowing is therefore central. Through our dashboard and monthly reports, all of our clients are always up-to-date on how the performance channels are performing.

What is Web Analysis?

Web analytics is the foundation of any online service. Without Web Analytics, we cannot measure our successes. The service provides insights into which channel is performing well/badly and where any opportunities exist within the channel.

Without data, you can’t know if results are being achieved at all. For us, therefore, an additional reason to put this at the center of our services.

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Why Web Analysis?

Web analytics is indispensable for any kind of website. Web analytics gives you insight into the performance of your website. Consider how many visitors come to your website, through what channels and what these visitors do on your website. The most important thing about web analytics is that all KPIs are easily measurable, such as measuring revenue and completed contact forms. Tools such as Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics make this possible. PureDigital’s specialists help make your website measurable and analyze data so you can make the right decisions.

Web Analysis Approach

PureDigital’s Web analysts have years of experience. For any company that wants to get results online, this is a channel that should not be missed. Will you also choose our Web Analysis service? If so, feel free to contact one of our Web analysts!

PureDigital’s Web Analysis approach consists of the following steps:

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Initialization: Analyzing current possibly existing measurement targets.

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Inventory: Setting goals, KPIs and tooling/dashboards to be used.

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Implement: Making missing goals measurable, Implement tooling creation Dashboards.

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Evaluate: Discuss results monthly.

Questions about web analytics?

 We help you by setting up both Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics and setting them up correctly. Contact us and we will advise you about the possibilities with no obligation!

Web Analyst

PureDigital’s Web analysts always start with the basics, Web Analysis and Tagging. Without both services, we cannot start without being able to achieve demonstrable results. Therefore, before the start of a project we will always take on the first step of our approach. This allows us to start deploying performance channels earlier. Where possible, we automate work to ultimately give you the best possible online marketing advice at the lowest possible investment.

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