Digital Strategy Training

Are you a marketing manager responsible for a company’s digital strategy? And would you like guidance in setting up the digital strategy? Then digital strategy training is what you’re looking for. We start with an introductory meeting to then help with digital strategy over 2 sessions. With the aim of providing guidance and advice during the creation of the digital strategy.

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A Digital Strategy Training Course At PureDigital

At PureDigital, we offer digital strategy training for any audience. Whether you work at a small business, charity, start-up or corporate company. During the digital strategy trainings, we will apply various brainstorming and marketing models to combine theory and practice. These can be 1-on-1 sessions or just sessions with several people from an organization. These sessions can take place at our office in Leiden or on location throughout Europe.

Why Get Digital Strategy Training At PureDigital

A digital strategy is the foundation for online success. Without a well thought out strategy, there is no focus and it is impossible to deploy various online marketing channels in a structured way. With years of experience in digital strategy and training, we are the specialists in digital strategy training.

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Digital Strategy Training

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Digital strategy session 1

In the first digital strategy session, we define the basic principles of a strategy. We begin by establishing your value proposition, positioning and target audiences. Then we determine the most important online KPIs for marketing. To then determine how these KPIs should grow in the coming years to contribute to overall marketing goals. Finally, we do a baseline measurement to determine what is already happening in terms of online marketing and the contributions of the various channels on key KPIs.

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Digital strategy session 2

In the follow-up session, we will turn the strategy into a tactical plan. Here we brainstorm together for improvements within the various channels. As well as opportunities for new channels. With the end goal being sufficient input to establish and document the digital strategy. To grow in a structured way through online channels.

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Customized digital strategy session

Within our digital strategy sessions, there is room for some flexibility in terms of content. Should you have very specific needs, or a training that meets the needs of multiple colleagues, we offer a training that we will fully customize. During an introductory meeting, we will identify your needs and make a proposal for a customized digital strategy session.

Questions About Digital Strategy Training?

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