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Within our Bing advertising approach, we focus on the input we give to Bing Ads’ machine learning. The result is profitable campaigns and maximum impact on our clients’ goals.

What is Bing advertising?

Bing advertising deals with paid listings within the Bing search engine. These are the listings that are the most prominent, which means they get a lot of clicks. Globally, Bing is the second largest search engine in terms of market share; in the Netherlands, its market share is 3.34%. Bing’s advertising network also includes the search engines DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and Yahoo! Combined, these search engines have a market share in the Netherlands of just over 5%. Advertising on Bing can be done with any budget, this makes it interesting for almost any company in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Why advertise Bing?

Bing advertising is a performance channel. This means that it is easily measurable what each invested euro yields and that you can manage this well. This makes advertising on Bing a very interesting channel to bring in leads and sales. Our approach is entirely focused on the profitable deployment of ads on Bing. The moment we advertise profitably, we can further scale up the campaigns to gain as many sales or leads as possible. The major advantage of advertising on Bing over advertising on Google is that there are fewer advertisers present. As a result, we almost always see lower click prices than Google. Another big advantage is that it is possible to automatically import Google campaigns to Bing. This makes advertising on Bing very easy to test.

Our Bing advertising approach

Our Bing advertising approach consists of the following steps:

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Objective: To determine the objective of the campaigns and additional budgets.

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Channel selection: Based on the client’s objective, we look at which channels are most appropriate to deploy.

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Setting up campaigns: Setting up the campaigns. If there are already Google campaigns we consider using the import function.

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Structural optimization: Structural optimization to achieve goals and continuously improve results.

In addition to achieving quality traffic to your website, our Bing advertising approach is complemented by standard advice on landing pages. In this way, we not only send quality traffic to your website, but we also ensure that this traffic will convert.

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Our Bing advertising specialists have years of experience in complex Bing advertising campaigns. We know how to do the perfect set-up and how to scale campaigns to the maximum. This makes PureDigital the Bing advertising agency that helps your business continue to grow. Immediately experience our added value? Then request a no-obligation Bing advertising scan!

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Questions about Bing advertising?

Want to learn more about Bing advertising? Download our white paper or contact us!

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