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Marketplaces Marketing

Marketplaces in the Netherlands, and beyond, are growing faster than the online retail industry year on year. Which indicates that they are capturing market share and becoming increasingly important in the customer buying process. They sell almost everything from refrigerators to clothing, and stand out for competitive pricing and fast delivery. Because of the good positioning and the gigantic growth in recent years, it is very unwise to do nothing with marketplaces as a webshop. Not stepping in results in loss of customers and reach within the target audience. Getting in with all products at the lowest price, on the other hand, is not wise either. A balanced strategy is the way to start selling successfully on marketplaces. PureDigital’s marketplaces specialists help with this strategic approach to getting web shops to sell successfully on marketplaces.

Our Marketplaces Marketing Services

What Is Marketplaces Marketing?

Marketplaces Marketing is about selling products on marketplaces. These can be very large marketplaces like Amazon and, as well as niche marketplaces like Successful selling on marketplaces starts with a thoughtful product strategy. Our consultants help in advising on the best product selection and onward placement on marketplaces. advertentie stuntbed
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Why Marketplaces Marketing?

Marketplaces such as Amazon and have millions of visitors a month. This has caused many companies to sell on these platforms. Simply relaying products is no longer enough to achieve many sales. A thoughtful marketplaces marketing approach is necessary to sell profitably on marketplaces in the long run.

Marketplaces Approach

Our marketplaces approach is distinguished by flexibility and speed. In which we broadly distinguish the following steps:

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Strategy & assortment: determine what strategy we are going to marketplace with and what products go with it.

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Product information analysis: an analysis of the product information to identify which information is still missing or can be improved for optimal findability on marketplaces.

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Supplement product information: determining the method of supplementing product information. This can be done from the CMS, PIM system or through a feed management tool such as Channable.

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Going live on platform: taking care of going live on the platform. In which we try to automate as much as possible, for example order processing.

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Optimization & advertising: a continuous optimization process where we try to maximize the amount of traffic to products.

Whether you want to sell on or on Zalando, the process is identical. Our marketplace specialists have years of experience successfully selling products on marketplaces. Whatever marketplace you want to deploy, we’ll help you go live and optimize it.

Marketplaces Specialist

As marketplaces specialists, we know what is important to be successful on marketplaces. A marketplace journey through PureDigital is distinguished by:

  • Thought out strategy
  • Fast live corridor
  • Flexible in scaling up products/channels
  • Far-reaching automation

Also selling (more) on Marketplaces? Then contact us for a free expert session!

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Questions About Marketplaces Marketing?

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