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The only way to reliably validate optimizations on a Web site is through A/B testing. That’s why A/B testing is central to our conversion optimization approach. In doing so, we have experience with various A/B testing tools and can run everything ourselves or work within existing teams.

What Is A Redesign?

A website redesign is the process of redesigning and updating an existing website to improve functionalities and the user experience. Often redesigns are implemented without any data substantiation. The consequence may be that key website metrics deteriorate. As a result, you bring in fewer sales or leads. At PureDigital, we help companies redesign in a data-driven way. We do this by validating key components through A/B testing and/or a usability test. So that the redesign is validated before it is implemented. As a result, no decrease in key website metrics.

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Why a Redesign?

There are several reasons why a redesign is interesting or necessary. This may be due to the fact that the website is severely outdated and no longer meets contemporary customer needs. We also frequently see redesigns done to convert the website to the new corporate identity. Whatever the reason for a redesign, it is crucial to validate it before implementing it. The experienced conversion optimization specialists will be happy to help you with this.

Our Redesign Approach

Our redesign approach consists of the following steps:

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Elements Redesign: Determine which elements will be changed in the redesign.

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Validation strategy: Working out how and when we want to validate the individual elements (A/B testing, time over time or via a usability test).

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Validation: Validating the elements.

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Analysis after implementing redesign: Analyzing the effect after implementing the redesign.

A redesign process can be performed as a stand-alone job, or as part of our conversion optimization services. By combining it with our conversion optimization services, it is possible to continue optimizing the website after the redesign.

Outsource Redesign

From PureDigital, we have extensive experience with redesign projects within various industries. We know better than anyone else how to validate new elements and in what order. Curious about the benefits of our redesign approach? Download our white paper on conversion optimization or get in touch!

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