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New to the SEO world and want to get started with this? Would you like to delve further into specialized skills of SEO such as structured data? Then our SEO training is what you need. We will coordinate beforehand what your learning goals are, and then advise which training is best for you. After the training(s), you will see that you are a whole experience richer and your learning goals will have been achieved.

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An SEO Training Course At PureDigital

At PureDigital, we provide SEO training for every level. Thus, we help students during their education by imparting basic knowledge during a lecture. But we also provide training to SEO specialists to help them further their development. In short, we have an appropriate training proposal for everyone to further master the SEO field. By imparting our knowledge with passion and enthusiasm, adoption among our trainees is optimal and the theory will be able to be applied more effectively in practice.

Why SEO Training at PureDigital

The marketing channel SEO is the foundation of an online marketing strategy. In our view, it is therefore important to master the basics of the trade. So that you can get started with SEO yourself or better manage an agency. With our SEO training courses, we help you get more out of this channel.

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SEO Training

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SEO Basic Training

During this basic SEO training, we will zoom in on the what, why and how. So that the participants have mastered at least the basics and importance of SEO. The session will take about 4 to 6 hours + a final assignment.

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SEO Advanced Training

We offer several SEO advanced training courses, including advanced training on structured data. With the goal of becoming an SEO marketer with specialized knowledge. This session will take about 4 to 6 hours + a final assignment.

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SEO Customized Training

Should you have several or just one specific issue, we will tailor an SEO training. For this, we will first conduct a detailed briefing to establish a clear objective. Then we will cover the training session to achieve the objective with an appropriate final assignment as verification.

Questions About An SEO Training?

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