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An SEO migration can be very complex and have major consequences if not done properly. Therefore, accuracy and an elaborate process are central to our SEO migration approach. Based on our years of experience, we have developed an SEO migration process suitable for the most complex SEO migrations. With the goal of minimizing loss in positions and even improvements where possible.

What Is An SEO Migration?

An SEO migration is the process of communicating to search engines that changes are taking place on your website. This can vary from a template change to a URL change. It comes down to something on the website changing that suddenly causes Google to obtain different input coming from your website. It is important to properly check all factors such as URLs (most common), content and internal links so that no SEO loss is caused. An SEO migration at PureDigital is part of our structural search engine optimization services but can also be purchased as a separate project. With us, an SEO migration always consists of the entire process, from pre-work, the actual migration and aftercare.

Why An SEO Migration?

There are several reasons why an SEO migration should take place. Common reasons have to do with a change in the domain name, a redesign of the website or converting other domain names to your domain. The goal of an SEO migration is to work with the team to ensure that the website does not suffer a loss in organic rankings. In a URL migration, for example, that’s implementing redirects so Google understands that new web pages are present. Whatever the reason, we will guide you with a structured migration process and aftercare to achieve the best possible results.

Our SEO Migration Approach

Our SEO migration approach consists of the following steps:

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Determine scope of migration: Discuss what the idea of the migration is and discuss tasks and responsibilities with each other.

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Determine SEO migration requirements: Provide a recommendation of items that should be adjusted before the actual migration, to avoid loss in rankings.

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Working out URL analysis/mapping: Working out a redirect scheme to communicate all changes on the website to search engines during migration.

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Migration: Making the changes and, for example, implementing the redirects (302 and then 301) and doing various checks to migrate everything properly from an SEO perspective.

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Aftercare: Monitoring rankings and resolving potential problems.

In addition to a loss in SEO rankings, a migration can also result in a loss in conversions. Especially with redesigns, we see that decisions are often made on gut feeling. As a result, the new one performs less well and therefore generates fewer sales or leads. Our conversion optimization services help validate adjustments during a redesign process. Curious about how we can help with an SEO migration or redesign? If so, please contact us at no obligation through our contact form!

SEO Migration Outsource

In an SEO migration, there is a lot to lose. We have seen plenty of examples of websites that are still struggling to recover SEO positions months or years after a migration. Our SEO experts have years of experience in the most complex SEO migrations. Using our proven SEO migration approach, we ensure that position loss is minimized. Where possible, we look immediately for improvements to even increase positions. At PureDigital, you can completely outsource an SEO migration. Curious about the benefits of our SEO migration approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!

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Questions about SEO Migration?

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