Within our dashboarding approach, we focus on visualizing the results from online marketing channels. With the goal that you can quickly make strategic marketing decisions based on our data insights.

What Is Dashboarding?

The number of online marketing channels deployed continues to grow rapidly. The result is a lot of raw data from your website and online channels. Dashboarding ensures that this data is made visual, and more importantly, understandable. From PureDigital, we create dashboards via Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), Tableau Klipfolio and Microsoft Power BI, among others. From the data tooling we have available, we can combine data for almost all channels and send it to these dashboards. The result is visually appealing dashboards that provide instant insight into key online results.

Why Dashboarding?

Dashboarding makes data understandable. The main purpose of our dashboards is to provide quick insight into key website statistics. To then show which channels and campaigns have the most impact on this. Based on these insights, channels and campaigns can be optimized. Which should ultimately ensure that key marketing and business objectives are met. From PureDigital, we offer a progress reporting dashboard as standard when you purchase one of our online marketing services. A separate dashboard is also possible, where we create both standard and custom dashboards. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us!

Our Dashboarding Approach

Our dashboarding approach consists of the following steps:

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Objective: Here we look at what purpose the dashboard has and which stakeholders will use it.

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Determine data sources: Obtaining the data sources used for the dashboard.

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Determine dashboard tooling: Discuss which dashboard tooling best suits the needs of the dashboard.

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Set-up dashboard: Setting up the dashboard. In doing so, we always do a review round to deliver a perfect dashboard.

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Dashboard Maintenance: A structural collaboration in which we maintain and expand the dashboard as needed.

Dashboarding Specialist

Our dashboarding specialists have years of experience in complex dashboards. We know how to visualize data in a way that makes it understandable and actionable. This makes PureDigital the dashboarding agency that helps your business continue to grow. Immediately experience our added value? Then request a no-obligation dashboarding expert session!

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Questions About Dasboarding?

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