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At PureDigital, Tagging, like Web analysis, is a service that is central to our approaches. Tagging ensures that tags (needed for tooling implementation), triggers and variable are stored centrally so that everything can be managed from 1 environment.

What is Tagging?

Tagging is a way to easily and quickly put tags online on the website yourself.

But why put tags live?
Tags provide the ability to install tooling and set conversion goals, for example. But it also offers the possibility today to implement a cookie banner

Using a tag manager, you can manage and activate this centrally in 1 environment.

Tagmanager PureDigital
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Why Tagging?

Setting up Google Tag Manager is crucial to make elements on the website measurable for various platforms such as Google and Facebook. Setting up Google Tag Manager starts with placing the container code on all pages of the website. If this is placed then tags can be added from Tag Manager for Google Analytics and Facebook, for example. In addition, it is possible to measure various elements through Google Tag Manager. Consider measuring e-commerce data and click data on the website. PureDigital’s Google Tag Manager specialists are here to help you set up the account correctly.

Tagging Approach

PureDigital’s Tagging specialists have years of experience implementing Google Tag Manager and setting it up. For any website, this is an important element. In fact, it is the basis for retrieving data from the website and being able to set goals in the process. Will you also choose our Tagging service? If so, feel free to contact one of our Tagging specialists!

PureDigital’s Tagging approach consists of the following steps:

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Initialization: analyzing the currently set containers. In doing so, we look at the tags, triggers and variable. We can also include Cookie banner settings in this upon request.

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Inventory: Determine which tags/tooling/triggers and other elements are missing.

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Implement: Implement the missing elements in the tagmanger.

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Debugging: checking that all settings work.

Tagging Outsource

PureDigital is the agency that always starts with basic Tagging and Web Analysis. Without both services, we cannot achieve demonstrable results. Therefore, before starting a project, we will always pick up the tagging part first. This allows us to start deploying performance channels earlier. Where possible, we automate work to ultimately give you the best possible online marketing advice at the lowest possible investment.

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Questions about tagging?

Want to learn more about Tagging? If so, please be sure to contact us!

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