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Display Advertising

Display ads can be used within each stage of the customer journey. Whether you want to achieve awareness, traffic or conversion, display advertising makes it all possible. Based on your objective, we provide the right platforms, message and tactics.

What Is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is about the paid display ads you see on many websites. From PureDigital, we run display campaigns primarily through Google Ads. However, we also have experience with direct sourcing from various platforms in the Netherlands and abroad. In whatever way we advertise with display ads, we always make sure that you are on quality websites and the frequency does not get too high.

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Why Display Advertising?

Display ads are ideal for getting attention from your target audience. Google Ads’ large display network allows you to reach virtually everyone in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, display advertising campaigns can be used for any objective from awareness to conversion. Depending on the objective, the tactics and strategy will be different. Want to achieve conversions through display ads? Then, we will mainly focus on warmer audiences such as remarketing or customer lists. With a familiarity objective, the focus is more on demographic target groups. Regardless of your objective, the display advertising specialists at PureDigital can help.

Our Display Advertising Approach

Our display advertising approach consists of the following steps:

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Objective:Setting the target and KPIs.

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Audience Strategy:Selecting the right audiences for maximum relevance.

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Campaign setup: Setting up the campaigns where we match the campaign format to the objective and KPIs.

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Structural optimization: Optimizing campaigns.

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Evaluation: Evaluating the results, making adjustments based on the objective.

In addition to achieving quality traffic to your website, our display advertising approach is complemented by standard advice on landing pages. In this way, we not only send quality traffic to your website, but we also ensure that this traffic will convert.

Outsource Display Advertising

The advantage of display advertising is that you can outsource it quite easily to PureDigital. We can take almost everything off your hands, from selecting a target audience to creating imagery. Of course, where desired, we involve the client in the entire process to jointly achieve the maximum result. Curious about the benefits of our display advertising approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!

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Questions About Display Advertising?

Want to learn more about display advertising? Download our white paper or contact us!

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