About PureDigital

PureDigital was founded in 2019 with the ambition to grow entrepreneurs through online marketing channels. In which we completely unburden or, on the contrary, collaborate in existing (online) teams. With an innovative online marketing approach that is characterized by:

  • Data-driven mindset
  • Integrated online approach
  • Time efficient approach through automation
  • Always focus on growth and expansion

In which we help clients with the following channels, among others:

Our specialists are fully certified, have innovative tooling and are always on top of the latest online marketing developments. In short, ready to grow your business through online marketing!

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Our Team

Alexander van der kooij _ nieuw

Alexander van der Kooij

Owner | SEO & Tagging
jeroen witteman _ nieuw

Jeroen Witteman

Owner | Advertising & CRO
freek digital consultant

Freek Kampschreur

Consultant | Advertising & SEO
Richard Hage _ nieuw

Richard Hage

Data Analyst | Tagging & Data Analysis