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SEO Technique

Website technology can cause search engines to experience problems crawling and indexing the website. As a result, limited visibility within various search engines. Within our SEO engineering services, we identify problems and help implement improvements. With the goal of achieving growth from organic channels.

What Is An SEO Technique?

SEO technique includes a wide range of elements that affect your organic rankings within search engines. Consider the accessibility of your website to crawlers. How well search engines understand the semantic value of your page. Pages linking to non-existent pages (404 error) and many more technical points. All of these points combined fall under SEO technique. A very important part of search engine optimization.
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Why SEO technique optimization?

The moment the technology of your website is not in order, search engines will never recognize the full value of your website. In addition, it can also affect the user experience on the website. For example, if you have many internal links that redirect to non-existent pages, that could be a reason for website visitors to leave your site. In short, optimizing your SEO technique is crucial if you want to grow organically through search engines.

Our SEO technique approach

Our SEO technique approach consists of the following steps:

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Technical Analysis: Conducting a large-scale technical analysis where we identify all the bottlenecks of the website.

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Effort & Gain: Determining the priority of technical optimizations.

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Optimization briefings: Working out various technical briefings where we provide very detailed advice on how certain optimizations should be implemented. For smaller websites using WordPress, we implement this completely independently.

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Structural Optimization: Structural support in advising, implementing and evaluating technical optimizations.

Our SEO technique services are included by default in our search engine optimization approach. It is also possible to take it as a separate course, where we enter into an ongoing advisory course based on a technical analysis. In addition, we often combine SEO technique with optimizing website speed. Also called Web Performance Optimization (WPO). The result is a website that is SEO technically sound and also very fast.

SEO Technique Outsourcing

Technical SEO optimizations are one of the most complex SEO optimizations out there. A high level of knowledge of various content management systems and frameworks is required to make sound recommendations in this regard. At PureDigital, we possess this knowledge and have extensive experience working with development parties. Curious about the benefits of our SEO technique approach? Then download our white paper or get in touch!

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Questions about SEO Technique?

Want to learn more about SEO? Download our white paper or contact us!

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