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A/B Testing

When redesigning your website, you can gain a lot, but you can also lose a lot. PureDigital helps companies redesign in a data-driven way. With the end goal being no loss in conversion but a move to a new look and feel of the website.

What Is An A/B Test?

Using an A/B test, it is possible to validate an optimization. An A/B test is also called a randomized experiment. This involves showing two or more different variations of your website in an A/B test. The probability of someone ending up in a particular variation is the same for each visitor, which is why it is called a randomized experiment. Organizations with no or less experience we recommend performing A/B testing client side, for example through tooling such as Google OptimizeVWO or Optimizely. Organizations that are already further along, wanting more testing with the highest possible reliability, we recommend server-side A/B testing through Sitespect. We advise companies in selecting the A/B testing tool that best suits their needs.

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A/B test - Control en Variant

Why An A/B Test?

A/B testing is the most reliable way to validate optimizations before they are finally implemented. It ensures that you let data lead the way in improving your website. From PureDigital, our advice is to A/B test everything that can be tested. This way, you make sure that modifications on this website always contribute to the main marketing objectives. A well-structured CRO process, of which A/B testing is a part, ensures that you get more results from website visitors, but also that the experience of website visitors is improved. For websites with lots of visitors and conversion data, A/B testing is indispensable, where just a few successful tests can immediately pay back the investment for a year. This is why A/B testing is central to our conversion optimization approach.

Our A/B Testing Approach

Our A/B testing approach consists of the following steps:

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Implementation tooling: Implementing the tooling to enable A/B testing.

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A/A Test: Conducting an A/A test to validate the operation of the A/B testing tool.

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Design A/B testing: converting a hypothesis into an actual testable design.

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Development A/B test: Building the A/B test based on the design.

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Putting A/B test live: putting the A/B test live

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Final Analysis & Advice A/B Test: The final analysis of the A/B test with concrete advice on how to implement the hypothesis.

An A/B test can be performed as a standalone, or as part of our conversion optimization services. By combining it with our conversion optimization services, you are assured of well-founded hypotheses based on quantitative and qualitative research. This increases the success rate of A/B testing.

Outsource A/B Testing

Designing, building and running an A/B test is a process that requires multiple skills. The good news is that you can have it all outsourced at PureDigital. Curious about the benefits of our A/B testing and conversion optimization approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!

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