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Facebook Advertising

Our Facebook advertising approach is characterized by continuous testing of audiences and ads. In order to make maximum impact on your objective, be it awareness, traffic or conversion.

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Achieving visibility on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is challenging. If you want to make an impact, you can’t escape advertising. Through Facebook advertising, it is possible to advertise on both Instagram and Facebook. Whether you want to work on brand awareness, brand associates or sales, Facebook advertising has an interesting campaign form for every objective. PureDigital’s consultants are Facebook certified and advise and support the most complex Facebook advertising campaigns.

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Why Facebook Advertising?

Advertising through Facebook is the fastest and most effective way to reach your target audience on Facebook and Instagram. The advantage of advertising is that you have a guarantee of achieving reach, which is not the case with organic posts. In addition, Facebook knows a lot about its users, which allows for very specific advertising to the right audience. It is also possible to reach your own audiences, from followers of your Facebook/Instagram page to customers from your CRM. In short, advertising through Facebook is interesting for a lot of businesses.

Our Facebook Advertising Approach

Our Facebook advertising consultants have years of experience in the most complex Facebook Advertising campaigns. Our strategy is characterized by target focus and a data-driven optimization approach. Our approach consists of the following steps:

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Setting objective: determining the objective and the appropriate campaign form(s).

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Website measurability: measuring through key conversion points on the website.

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Targeting strategy: selecting the right audiences for maximum relevance.

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Campaign setup: setting up the campaigns where we work with a top-down or bottom-up campaign structure depending on the client’s objective.

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Optimization via validation: optimizing campaigns, with a focus on experiments to validate adjustments first and then fully implement them.

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Evaluation: evaluating the results, making adjustments based on the objective.

Our approach has proven itself with multiple clients, in a variety of industries. Both executive and strategic, we help organizations achieve success on Facebook and Instagram.

Outsource Facebook Advertising

The advantage of Facebook Advertising is that you can outsource it quite easily to PureDigital. We can take care of everything from writing ad copy to creating images. Of course, where desired, we involve the client in the entire process to jointly achieve the maximum result. Curious about the benefits of our Facebook Advertising approach? Download our white paper or get in touch!

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Questions About Facebook Advertising?

Want to learn more about Facebook advertising? Request a training or contact us!

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