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The added value of offline conversion import

Offline conversion import is the way to control the quality of requests from various advertising platforms. In this article, we will discuss what it is, how to implement it and what the benefits are.

About offline conversion import

Offline conversion import is a technique that allows feedback on the quality or actual value of a conversion. It is available within the main channels we deploy for our digital advertising clients, such as Google advertising, Bing advertising, Snapchat advertising, Instagram advertising and Facebook advertising. What is important here is that this is done within 90 days of the first click on an ad. Everything after that cannot be shot back to the various ad platforms. This makes it ideal for companies with a longer sales cycle, for example, where it is only possible to estimate the quality of a lead or new customer after weeks. It is also interesting for e-commerce customers with many returns to shoot back returns this way. In addition, it is of interest to companies that receive potential customers by appointment, with the conversion taking place offline. In short, the application of offline conversion import is vast and the technology can be used within various advertising platforms. This ensures that you can adhere to the same ad strategy across all ad platforms, namely optimizing on actual sales and value of leads.

How to implement offline conversion import

To get offline conversion import working, you need the following components:

  • Storing the click id of ad platforms during a session
  • Submitting this click id when filling out forms to your CRM
  • Feedback the value of a lead to the advertising platforms based on the click id

Are you advertising on Google? Then it is also possible to use enhanced conversions for leads. This way you don’t have to store the click id in your CRM, but can use personal identifiers such as an email address. However you want to do the implementation, almost always development capacity is needed to get it working. Tools such as Zapier can remove some of this. Often it is also a custom implementation, so we cannot offer 1 guide in this article that will work for everyone. Below is the documentation of the various advertising channels:

Rather use our expertise to implement it? If so, please contact us without obligation. Our tagging specialists have extensive experience implementing offline conversions across multiple advertising channels.

What are the benefits of offline conversion importing?

Offline conversion import is the only way to drive on the actual value of a purchase or lead. It is the ultimate way to feed machine learning with real value instead of fictitious or estimated values. This ensures that you can perfectly focus on what really matters to your business, namely quality leads and actual sales. For this reason, we regularly advise our clients to use offline conversion import within their digital advertising campaigns.

Conclusion offline conversion import

This article has explained what offline conversion import is, how to implement it and the benefits. Want to get started with offline conversion importing yourself but need help with implementation or activation? If so, please be sure to contact us!

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