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Conversion Optimization (CRO).

Our conversion optimization approach is characterized by well-founded hypotheses that are validated using A/B testing. In order to not only make an impact on the conversion rate and average order value, but also to gain more insight into the target audience.

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What is Conversion Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion optimization is about improving your website by better understanding your target audience, customers and website visitors. This is done using qualitative and quantitative research to then create hypotheses to improve the website. The better you understand your target audience the better you can tailor your website to this. Conversion optimization supports in this whole process.

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Why Conversion Optimization?

A structured conversion optimization process will make a positive impact on your marketing and business goals. It ensures that your traffic channels perform better and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) improves. It also teaches you more about your target audience, these learnings you can take to traffic channels to get better results. In short, conversion optimization is an indispensable discipline within online marketing. Curious about our conversion optimization approach? Then download the white paper!

Biometric Usability Lab

Qualitative research is crucial to better understanding your target audience. One of the many benefits of working with PureDigital is that we have an in-house biometric usability lab at our disposal. Using our Tobii Pro eye tracker and Galvanic Skin Response Shimmer, we gain far more insights than traditional user testing. We use these insights not only to improve the user experience of your website, but also to make traffic channels more profitable.

Conversion Optimization Approach

PureDigital’s conversion optimization approach consists of the following steps:

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Research phase: analyzing and identifying key bottlenecks on the website. Using quantitative and qualitative research.

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Hypotheses & roadmap: Developing reasoned hypotheses and setting up a test roadmap based on the PIE framework.

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Validate: Validating the hypotheses using A/B testing. When traffic is too low, we validate using a time over time analysis, supplemented where necessary with a user test.

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Analysis & Reporting: Analyzing the A/B test and reporting the result and learnings.

Conversion optimization is not a one-time process, but an ongoing process in which the above steps are repeated. During the work we do, the focus will always be on data substantiation and hypothesis validation. Where the success rate of A/B testing averages 33%.

Conversion Specialist

Our conversion specialists have years of experience in conversion optimization. We know how to research, hypothesize and set up a sustainable conversion optimization process. This makes PureDigital the conversion optimization agency that helps your business continue to grow and understand its target audience. Immediately experience our added value? Then request a no-obligation conversion optimization scan!

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Questions About Conversion Optimization?

Want to learn more about Conversion Optimization? Then download our white paper or contact us!

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