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FOR YOU GIFTS is the specialist in gifts and gratuities. ‘You are golden,’ is the message of FOR YOU GIFTS. This message applies not only to the sender of a gift, but also to the person receiving a gift. Giving a gift shows someone that you are thinking of them. This is golden because showing love and appreciation is incredibly important in today’s society.

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Start Collaboration

Since October 2020, PureDigital has been responsible for For You Gifts’ Google Ads campaigns. The goal of the collaboration was to take the Google Ads account to the next level with a focus on increased sales and higher returns. To be competitive in a highly competitive market with parties like Greetz and Hallmark.

The Approach

After transferring the account, there was a lot of work to do to convert the outdated account structure to a modern account structure with a focus on optimizing Google Ads machine learning technologies and algorithms. PureDigital addressed this as follows:

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Keyword research: mapping all interesting keywords related to FOR YOU GIFTS products.

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Setting up campaigns: setting up 1 Smart Shopping campaign and 1 regular search campaign. Where the focus was on getting as much data per ad group as possible.

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Experiment broad advertising: to increase reach, a successful experiment was run with broad advertising.

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Optimization: continuous optimization to increase relevance and reach.

The Result

PureDigital’s approach had a major effect, with the results changing as follows (October 2020 vs. February 2021):

An increase in sales of 318.38%.

Yield: an increase in return of 32.39%.

The switch to a modern account structure was the basis for this strong growth. This provided a significant increase in reach without sacrificing relevance and return.

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The Future

The ambitions of FOR YOU GIFTS are big. To realize these ambitions, PureDigital will work on the following optimizations in the coming months:

  • Drive margin buckets with Search & Shopping to become even more competitive.
  • Using more 1st party data to make ads more relevant.
  • Expansion into other channels such as Display, Social and Marketplaces.

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