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Since October 2020, PureDigital has been involved in the SEO optimization process of the website After the migration process, the primary goal was to start improving SEO results, which should result in more relevant traffic. An apparently difficult challenge, since the website focuses primarily on b2b sales of lighting. Why this is a challenge, in the Sell phase, companies’ search intentions differ little, if at all, from those of consumers. But obviously a great challenge that we gladly accepted. Ultimately, this resulted in 56% more impressions, 34% more sessions and that while search volumes in the market remained the same at 0.24%. Wondering how we did this? Then read the remainder of this case.


Once started as a lighting webshop, today we are a lighting consultancy with an online shop. As a supplier of energy-efficient LED lighting, we transform spaces and experiences with light., by combining A-quality products with professional and personal advice, is currently one of the fastest growing lighting suppliers in the Netherlands. In which they focus on 2 target groups:

  1. End User
  2. Intermediary

The SEO Approach

The website had many products and content where the potential was high but the performance was not yet optimal. After the initial discussions, we advised that we start with a particular focus. Due to the size of the website, it is difficult to optimize the entire website in 1 go. The main focus was on the application & brand pages after which the categories and pdp’s followed:

nummer 1

Template optimization: Many pages had already been created but were not ideally set up SEO/UX-wise. So we started looking together at how we could further develop templates. This provided a good foundation for reviving the pages.

nummer 2

Content quality: The website was mostly optimized for conversion but lacked important content, which prevented high rankings.

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Topic authority: Consider both content and link structure (internal/external) as well as URL structure. The stratification was very flat and promising subcategories were missing.

This formed the core of SEO optimization. The remainder of this case examines the results.

Rise In Positions:

What we saw after the optimizations was a significant increase in positions resulting in increased performance on the focus themes.

After the success of the themes: brands and applications, we continued to elaborate on the category trees such as tension rail lighting and LED panels as shown earlier. In this we are already seeing positive results as well.

We also conducted a seasonality check for our corporate lighting case for verification. So that we can be sure that the increase is not just due to a seasonal trend. The analysis shows that there was no difference in the search trend between the months of January through October 2021 vs. 2022. The total search volume in 2021 was: 12,509,680 with the total search volume in 2022 being: 12,540,200, or an increase of 0.24%.

Rise In Traffic.

PureDigital’s approach and close collaboration with has resulted in a significant increase in the number of organic sessions. Thus, we see an increase in sessions of +34% (January 2021 to October 2021 vs. January 2022 to October 2022). In addition, impressions are up +56% (January 2021 to October 2021 vs. January 2022 to October 2022).

The Future

After the great results, the challenge now is to continue to grow the website. There will be a number of dependencies associated with this. Such as technical further development of the website and further completion of content. The following activities are planned:

  • New content opportunities;
  • Template further development;
  • Apply SEO innovations.

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