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Antelope Outdoor & PureDigital

Since September 2020, PureDigital has been responsible for Antelope Outdoor’s Google Ads campaigns. The goal of the initial collaboration was to increase both sales and returns from the campaigns in order to offset Corona’s loss in store sales through the online channel. In a challenging industry with large outdoor parties such as Beaver. A challenge that PureDigital gladly accepted, with very nice results in the end.

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About Antelope Outdoor

Antelope Outdoor is the specialist in outdoor items with a store in Alblasserdam. Among other things, you will find everything for your cycling or hiking vacation. And we are talking about a very self-sufficient gear, from backpacks or panniers, lightweight plates and cutlery, hiking or biking shoes and sleeping bags. The company’s distinctiveness lies in its service and advice by true professionals.

The Approach

The setup of the Google Ads account was outdated and no longer met PureDigital’s new standards. Therefore, the decision was made to redesign the campaigns as follows:

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Search campaigns: Extensive keyword research was done to arrive at a new structure for the Google Ads campaigns. In which everything was merged within 1 campaign with a focus on as much data as possible per ad group.

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Shopping campaigns: An analysis was done of the product feed resulting in a recommendation on how to supplement product information. All shopping campaigns were then merged into 1 large campaign. In which the campaign form Smart Shopping was chosen.

The new setup showed better results immediately. Where both ad relevance and conversion rate showed improvement. After the initial set-up, we developed an optimization plan, implementing the following optimizations over the months:

  • Broad advertising: An experiment was used to test whether broad advertising added value. Ultimately, this showed an improvement in visibility and conversions without sacrificing returns.
  • Dynamic ad group: A dynamic ad group has been added to discover new keywords. To this day, this is still one of the best scoring ad groups in terms of revenue.

  • Image extensions:
    Ad relevance has been further increased by adding
    image extensions

  • Switching CSS:
    A switch was made from the Google CSS to a CSS partner, achieving a 20% discount on click prices from Google Shopping.

These optimizations were all implemented from September 2020 through May 2021. With ultimately promising results, discussed below.

The Result

PureDigital’s approach had a great effect, with results changing from Google Ads as follows (May 2020 vs. May 2021):

  • Turnover: a growth in sales of +596%
  • Returns: a growth in returns of +194%
  • Traffic: a growth in traffic of +192%

The switch to a modern account structure was the basis for this strong growth. Which increased reach and took advantage of the large increase in search volume due to the closure of stores by corona. In which sales and returns remain at very high levels relative to historical figures even after stores open.

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The Future

The challenge for the future is to maintain high sales. In part this will depend on the corona measures, a higher level than last year is certainly achievable due to the optimizations implemented. In addition, the following optimizations are planned:

  • Testing with new channels such as Bing Ads and Beslist
  • Using the new features within Google Analytics 4

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